“芝加哥前奏”主题派对"Prelude to Chicago" - Theme Party

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9:30-Late 芝加哥派对


"Prelude to Chicago" - Theme Party

Saturday November 17

Brand new Cabaret show performed by the gorgeous ladies of Moonglow Burlesque

7:30 - 9:30 "Moonglow Cabaret"

9:30 - Late "Chicago" theme party

About the Show"


This evening will be  taking inspiration from the musical "Chicago". The acclaimed Moonglow Cabaret troupe from Beijing are bringing us a night of music, dance, and laughter.

Set at the end of the American Prohibition, this show is a unique recreation of the early 1930s entertainment, from music and dance style, to costumes and hairdos. During this show the audience can see live the charm of the vintage Hollywood glamour made famous by Greta Garbo, Ginger Rogers, Marlene Dietrich and other silver screen sirens.  The Moonglow ladies will perform jazz and burlesque acts that intend to take you on a journey depicting the struggles that the showgirls faced during the Great Depression, and the struggle of women then and now finding their identity and a new place in society.


This unique experience is not to missed. Get your tickets early! 


When going to see "Moonglow Cabaret 1930" you can surely expect extravagant costumes true to the 1930s fashion, showgirls, feathers, sparkles, and the highlight burlesque performances by our vedettes. 


What's a "VEDETTE"? 什么是"VEDETTE"?

A vedette is the main female artist of a cabaret / revue show, often specializing in burlesque.  Generally a vedette is a woman with physical presence, personality and charisma that captivates the public. In addition to their highlight act (usually solo), they would often appear in group dances, surrounded by starlets and showgirls. One of the most known burlesque vedettes today is Dita Von Teese. 

Vedette主要是女性歌舞表演艺术家,通常专门从事滑稽舞表演。 一般来说,女性运用舞蹈展现身体,个性和魅力从而吸引观众。 除了独自表演之外,他们还经常出现在群舞中,被众多舞者包围。 现今,最为著名的滑稽表演者之一是Dita Von Teese。


Moonglow Cabaret 1930 is starring 3 amazing performers, each presenting their special act in one of the sets. “月光之城1930”将有3位舞者,每场将都有一位舞者奉献上主题表演。



Diana Golde



The fabulous Miss Diana Golde will leave you in awe as she dances around the stage in a shimmering lace gown, with a glowing golden moon at the tips of her fingers! This act and the costume are inspired by the Ziegfeld girls of the decade, and their iconic elegance. 


Scarlet Manhattan

冉冉升起的滑稽剧新星“曼哈顿小姐Miss Scarlet Manhattan”将让所有粉丝沉迷于令人眼花缭乱的音乐电影“芝加哥”。您不仅可以看到她的“Roxie”版本,还可以看到有史以来最受欢迎的“爵士春秋All That Jazz”!

The rising star of Chinese burlesque Miss Scarlet Manhattan will indulge all the fans of “Chicago” with her new dazzling act inspired by that musical and film. Not only will you get to see her version of “Roxie”, but also the all-time favorite “All That Jazz”!  

Liwa La Fleur

每场卡巴莱都必须拥有一个充满异国情调的舞蹈表演,Liwa la Fleur华丽的东方羽毛扇舞,由莎莉兰德和诺埃尔玩具闻名的经典表演而闻名。表演结合了Anna May Wong的老式电影美学,以及30年代中国滑稽表演者和旧金山“紫禁城”夜总会的歌舞女郎。

Every cabaret show has to have an exotic dance act, and Miss Liwa la Fleur has just what it takes – a gorgeous oriental feather fan dance, the classic act made famous by Sally Rand and Noel Toy. This act combined aesthetics of Anna May Wong’s vintage films, and 1930s Chinese burlesque performers and showgirls of the “Forbidden City” nightclub in San Francisco.  

Trixie Royale

如果没有踢踏舞,20世纪30年代的表演和电影将不会完整。按照这一传统,Trixie Royale为玛琳•黛德丽(Marlene Dietrich),约瑟芬•贝克(Josephine Baker)和反对当时社会形态在舞台上穿着男装的女演员们准备了一个特别的敬意。舞蹈受“维多利亚/维多利亚”电影启发,趣味横生的表演引领了该剧的结局。

A 1930s show or film would not be complete without a tap dance piece. Following the tradition, Miss Trixie Royale has prepared a special tribute act to Marlene Dietrich, Josephine Baker and other female performers who dressed in men’s attire on stage, against the society norms of the time. This playful act leads the finale of the show, inspired by the main dance performance in the film “Victor / Victoria”.



11月17日周六 Saturday November 17

7:30-9:30“月光之城”复古歌舞秀"Moonglow Cabaret"

9:30-Late 芝加哥派对 "Chicago" theme party 



VIP-A区域:200rmb(预售180rmb) (靠近舞台,仅有47人位置)



这绝对是一场不容错过的精彩演出,位置有限,遇到预定的尽早购票!This unique experience is not to missed. Get your tickets early! 


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滑稽舞表演是一种独特的娱乐形式,演出不仅限于舞台,还包括与客人和环境的互动。 由于表演的特殊性,秀都将在优雅和华丽的舞台上呈现,将对观众有基本着装要求。

Cabaret is a unique form of entertainment, a wholesome experience including not only the show on stage, but interactions with guests and the atmosphere. Because of these specifics, the show in Hangzhou will be held in the classy and opulent venues, and will require a dress code. 



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