Sirloin hand cut patty, made to order

One whole Canadian beef sirloin diced into 0.5cm crumbs, added fat and made into patties daily. Every 240g beef patty is guaranteed to be fresh. The burger contains a patty, sliced tomatoes, onions, and sided with pickles and fries

Hot and sour taste, your choice of chicken or beef

Crispy tortilla containing thick cheese and jalapenos. Choose between Australian beef, cumin seasoned chicken, or mushrooms. Comes with salsa and sour cream

Wheat toast, healthy choice

Hand made toast bread. Fresh eggs and vegetables, along with ham. Sided with fries and salad. A healthy choice of sandwich

A hint of herb. Well balanced sandwich

Slow cooked and smoked bore coated with bbq sauce. Cooked until meat pulls off easily and dip into bbq sauce again. Pickles and cheese are added into the sandwich to balance the tasting experience

Low calories

Select fresh pea sprout, onions, and turkey breast. Healthy and tasty

Handmade toast and homemade tuna sauce, soft and creamy

Deep sea red tuna mixed into paste, with onions and pickled cucumbers on wholemeal toast


Tuna Fish Sandwich 

  • Spicy Beef Burger  
  • Double Beef Burger
  • Canada Grill Beef Sirloin Burger
  • Mexican Quesadillas (beef or chicken)
  • Eudora Club Sandwich
  • Beef Burger
  • Herb Pork Sandwich(Linseed Rye Bread) 
  • Pan Fried Turkey Breast Sandwich (Rasoberry Wine Bread)  
  • Slow Smoked Beef Sandwich(Whole Wheat Bread)