Pasta & Risotto



Seafood is rich, fragrant thick, hard Steamed Rice

Seafood soup, mixed with seafood sauce simmered in Italian rice, no other added spices, simple seasoning highlights the taste of seafood

The flavor is strong and heavy, and the taste is delicate

an characteristic pasta, creamy but not greasy, rich and delicate taste.

The traditional Italian pasta, a strong smell

Spaghetti is a well known dish over the world. A good meat sauce is critical to a fine spaghetti. We selected tomatoes from Belgium, beef from Australia, and stewed for 3 hours

Fresh delicious

Choose the fresh clam prawns, add a lot of garlic, garlic fragrance, plus fresh seafood, taste fresh and delicious.

Milk fragrance and Sour mix, can choose to add grilled shrimp and grilled chicken

Well balanced ingredients of cream, vodka, tomato sauce. A slight taste of alcohol adds freshness to the whole dish and balances the creaminess

Italian traditional cuisine, with traditional meat sauce, and homemade cheese.

Pasta with Italian characteristics, cheese with meat sauce, with Italian tomato sauce, rich taste and rich meat flavor.

Rich, smooth mouth.

Boston lobster with high protein, low fat, vitamin A.C.D. calcium and other trace elements, the original nutrition of lobster risotto, lobster flavor full, delicate smooth mouth.

The batter has a slight aroma and fresh cheese

A rich pizza with many flavors and ingredients, you can enjoy four pizza flavors at the same time.

  • Fusilli Pasta with Tomato Sauce
  • Fried Prawns with Garlic and Scallop Pasta
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • Lobster  Risotto
  • Paella 
  • Sauteed Linguine Pasta with Pesto Sauce