Great marbling, with great fat

Angus selected grain fed 150 days with a piece of meat of bovine bone 400g, full weight eye steak contains a lot of rich oil, oil taste prominent, suitable for people like fat, suitable for 5-7 medium

Slightly hard meat, with slight fat and muscle.

The Angus Valley 150 days feeding cattle cold West row, meat more closely, and the edge of steak containing a layer of fat and meat, suitable for young people or good mouth people, suitable for 3-5 medium

Marbled fat,Juicy, prominent, full weight

Selection of Angus grain fed ribeye meat, cured 230 days, each 300g. Fully marbled with the full juicy steak taste. Suggest order Medium with a medium to heavy Red wine.

  • Petite Australian Grain Fed Beef Filet Mignon 120g
  • Australian Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin Steak 150g
  • Angus Beef Sirloin Steak 300g
  • Angus Beef Bone in Rib Eye  400g 
  • Australian Wagyu Beef Tomahawk Steak 5+ Marbling Score 1.5kg
  • Petite Australian Grain Fed Beef Filet Mignon 120g